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The White Lion | Lake George, NY

The White Lion | Lake George, NY

As you might remember from my post about The Prospect Mountain Diner, wintertime has limited dining options in Lake George, NY. 

Since we were staying in one of the Fort William Henry Hotel branches, we received two tickets from the front desk for $5 off The White Lion dining. 

Fort William Henry Hotel Lobby | New Years 2017

Fort William Henry Hotel Lobby | New Years 2017

This was our first time staying in, and wandering throughout The Fort William Henry Hotel. So on the second morning of our New Year's Weekend, we walked down the hall to have breakfast at The White Lion. 

The White Lion | Interior

Breakfast at the White Lion | Day 2

Breakfast at the White Lion | Day 2

As we've seen in the summer, The White Lion is where wedding parties hold their reception. Usually, the wedding is on the hill overlooking the lake, and the food is throughout The White Lion's grand room. 

The first morning we ate here, we sat in the center of the room under a large chandelier. The room was packed with people attending a winter wedding, or others from the hotel. Large parties of 10 or more and families with kids filled the tables. 

Two hostesses and three waitresses circled throughout the room, attending to guests. 

Luckily we got the last four-person table. As we drank our coffee and juice, a line formed outside the door, wrapped through the bar, and out to the hall. 

The Menu 

The White Lion Breakfast Menu_LG NY_KMartinelli Blog_Writer & Marketer

I knew the menu and portions would reflect The White Lion's atmosphere. 

The menu had everything you would want in a breakfast: eggs any way, pancakes, traditional and fancy French toast, and healthy options (like yogurt and smoothies). 

Despite my tradition to get scrambled eggs, I was feeling their Cinnamon Swirl French Toast. 

Description: Two thick slices of homemade cinnamon bread, egg battered, griddled. Served with Adirondack home fries

Description: Two thick slices of homemade cinnamon bread, egg battered, griddled. Served with Adirondack home fries

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast | $7.99 

The French toast, at first glance, did not seem like it would be enough for me. Yet after eating one slice and most of my home fries, I was stuffed. 

The home fries were the star of the plate. Garlic, onion, and butter with crispy and tender potato pieces tossed throughout. I could've eaten a bowl of these potatoes with my cup of coffee and been perfectly happy. 

Jamie (though I didn't get a picture), got an omelet with spinach and rye toast. This was also a healthy portion and made me consider getting eggs the next morning. 

Day 3 | The White Lion Breakfast Buffet

The last morning of our trip, we used our last $5-off ticket at The White Lion. 

Since it was January 1, The White Lion put out a breakfast buffet. For a flat rate, guests were seated and could help themselves to the stations throughout the room. 

I started at the drink station nearest the door and got my coffee and water. Then I walked the line from carbs to hot food. The buffet started with Danishes and pastries. It transitioned to fruit bowls, yogurt, and bagels. Nearby was gourmet toppings for your bagel, like Locs and cream cheese. 

Next was scrambled eggs with three types of protein, pancakes, and French toast pieces. I kept it simple and got bacon and pastries. 

The New Year's buffet was more expensive than our breakfast. But looking at our available options, and the fact that we could take our time and eat, made it a worthwhile choice. 

The best part

What makes The White Lion such a great spot, is its view of the lake. On our last day, we were lucky (and early) enough to sit right next to the windows overlooking the lake. 

The White Lion View_LG NY_KMartinelli Blog_Writer & Marketer

The festive wreaths across the hotel shrunk in comparison to the frozen lake and blue mountains. It was a great view to wrap up our winter trip before heading back to New Jersey. 

The Recommendation


Staying at the Fort William Henry Hotel is one of the best decisions we made. Its central location, accommodations and design made it a perfect spot for our New Year's trip. 

Their clever marketing by offering a discount (on an already reasonable meal), makes it an obvious choice when you're looking for a place to eat. 

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