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Tastemade's Ritz Cracker Pie

Tastemade's Ritz Cracker Pie

I was scrolling through Twitter when I came across a 30-second recipe video which caught my attention. Created by Tastemade — the video was a recipe for a Ritz Cracker Pie.

I loved the idea of combining buttery Ritz crackers with sweet caramel filling. So, I grabbed my notebook and wrote down the digital recipe.

Ritz Cracker Pie Ingredients

Tastemade's Ritz Cracker Pie_ Ingredients_K.Martinelli Blog _ Kristen Martinelli (1).png

This Tastemade recipe seemed straight-forward enough to make. Using an everyday ingredient like Ritz Crackers seemed like an innovative way to make a dessert without buying expensive ingredients.

As you’ve seen from my other recipe videos, caramel is easy to make. If you use heavy cream for baking (or for your morning coffee), then you should already have heavy cream in your fridge for the pie filling.

The coconut as a sweetener and texture was another ingredient you might not have. I had shredded coconut leftover from the time I made Vegan Fig Newton Energy Balls.

The only ingredient I had to go to the store for was the Ritz Crackers. My ShopRite had a sale — two boxes to $7.

Instructions to Make a Ritz Cracker Pie

Tastemade's Ritz Cracker Pie _ Instructions_K.Martinelli Blog _ Kristen Martinelli.png


I apologize to my international readers who have to convert my recipes from cups and tablespoons to grams. I had to convert this recipe into tablespoons and cups and it was time-consuming.

The original Tastemade recipe must’ve been an international video. I went back to the source to double check my conversions and the video was gone! A message on screen said: This video is no longer available in your country.

So — I’m not sure if my measurements were 100% correct, but they did produce an edible dessert. If you’re not from the U.S., you can probably find the original Tastemade video online, so you won’t have to convert the recipe back into grams, from what I have listed above.

The Final Product

Tastemade's Ritz Cracker Pie_Final Product_K.Martinelli Blog_Kristen Martinelli.png

Cooking Time

I cooked my Ritz Cracker Pie for an extra 15-minutes. The middle of the pie didn’t solidify at the 45-minute mark. I wondered if it was because of the Ritz Crackers I had stacked in the middle.

Either way, the crust was golden and crisp and the crackers browned bronze into airy puffs. Even with the extra time, the pie was cooked through and cut cleanly. I did not think any of the flavors were altered.

Ritz Pie Texture

I kept my pie at room temperature as we ate dinner. It was at least an hour or two before I cut and served it, so it was room temperature warm.

Tastemade's Ritz Cracker Pie_Filling_K.Martinelli Blog_Kristen Martinelli.png

At first, I was worried that the cracker pie crust was going to stick to the bottom of the pan. After cutting the first slice, the pie was easy to serve.

Serving it at room temperature meant the crust still had its crisp texture to it. The filling was dense and the crackers on top were more like a decoration, as they didn’t have any crispness or flavor — just a light golden topping.

I gave my dad a slice and he said it tasted like crème brûlée. I highly doubted that — since I tasted the caramel sauce when I was cooking, and it reminded me of a toffee flavor.

My Taste and Preferences

I cut myself a slice of pie later in the evening, when I sat down to write this blog.

I started with the crust. Luckily it held its texture, but it had that greasy taste in the same way that Milk Bar Chelsea’s Crack Pie did. (Which, if you read that review, you knew I wasn’t a fan of).

I tried the filling to see if it would also be as sweet as the Crack Pie. It was sweet, but I thought it had an eggy aftertaste. This was surprising — because I tried the caramel filling before I added the eggs and I thought it was spectacular.

Tastemade's Ritz Cracker Pie_Slice_K.Martinelli Blog_Kristen Martinelli.png

What is interesting to note, is that I tried the pie again after refrigerating it overnight and the eggy flavor was gone! The pie filling had a dense texture that reminded me of fudge, and the filling had more of the caramel-toffee flavor that I imagined.

The crust was better at room temperature. But if this is supposed to be a similar style to a cheesecake it’s fine to serve it cold. I’d add whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top because the amount of butter in this recipe can be too much.

Overall Thoughts

I'll tweak this recipe based on my preferences, but I encourage you to try it on your own and tell me your thoughts.

  • Recipe Level

    • Beginners — If you're confident with your caramel-making abilities, that is the only part of this recipe which can result in error.

  • Ingredients

    • Common! This recipe showcases a classic American cracker and includes ingredients you may already have on-hand.

  • Prep

    • None — pending the purchase of coconut flakes.

  • Flavor

    • 5/10 — The caramel filling and base crust on their own were delicious. But adding the eggs and then baking muddled the flavors and gave a greasy overall texture. I recommend you serve this as cold as possible and add whipped cream too.

K. Martinelli Makes Tastemade’s Ritz Cracker Pie

Thanks for Watching!

Have you made Tastemade’s Ritz Cracker Pie before? Would you try this recipe? Comment below with your thoughts!

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