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Chocolate Caramel Dipped Apples with Peanuts

Inspired by Autumn ingredients like apple cider, apple donuts, and pumpkins — I decided to use fresh Granny Smith apples and make caramel apples! Rather than the clunky apples on a stick, I decided to make sliced chocolate caramel dipped apples with peanuts. Easy to dip and carry, these tasty treats are customizable and great for any age. Plus, they’re homemade.

Tastemade's Ritz Cracker Pie

Inspired by a recipe video I saw on Twitter, I researched Tastemade’s Ritz Cracker Pie and decided to test the recipe. Buttery Ritz Crackers, brown sugar, caramel, and coconut — watch my recipe video to see how I made this popular pie, and my thoughts about the overall flavors and texture.