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Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters

Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters

I had the opportunity of visiting New Orleans, Louisiana for the first time for work! Our team flew to New Orleans to attend the 2019 VRMA International Conference.

We spent Saturday night enjoying the spectacular live music on Bourbon Street. Nothing in the Metropolitan area compares to the musicians in New Orleans. I was stunned by their talent and loved the Jazz and rock music.

I loved exploring the historic bars, but Sunday was my favorite day of the trip. I had the most photos from our Sunday afternoon, so this is where the blog begins!

The Court of Two Sisters | Brunch

Our team had half of Sunday to explore New Orleans before we had to set up our exhibitor’s booth at the conference.

We decided to get up mid-morning and have a traditional New Orleans brunch. My colleagues visited the Court of Two Sisters when they vacationed in New Orleans, and they highly recommended it.

We called Saturday night for a reservation, but they were booked. The hostess told us that most group reservations were made weeks in advance. She told us that if we stopped by, it would only be a 30-minute wait, and they would find us a table.

The Court of Two Sisters_Sunday Brunch_NOLA_K.Martinelli Blog_Kristen Martinelli.png

French Quarter

We walked to the restaurant rather than Uber-ing. I didn’t mind, since walking allowed me to photograph more of the local architecture.

The streets seemed eerily quiet compared to the crowds of college kids we encountered the night before on Bourbon Street.


We strolled past business owners hosing off their sidewalks. Older couples strolled down the street. Bouncers leaned in their bar doorways smoking cigarettes.

The locals told us that October weather in New Orleans was the “coldest” it’s been all year. For me, my jeans and cardigan were too warm, it almost felt like summer.

I loved the French Quarter. We passed bookstores, silver shops, handmade leather masquerade masks, paper stores, and chocolate shops. This section of New Orleans had rows of galleries with beautiful window displays. I could’ve spent the day stopping into each shop to explore its creations.

Instead, we arrived at The Court of Two Sisters around 11:30 am.

French Quarter _ The Court of Two Sisters_New Orleans_LA_K.Martinelli Blog_Kristen  Martinelli.png

The Court of Two Sisters | Interior Design

I expected The Court of Two Sisters to be a small cafe like Red Eye or La Milkeria. Instead, it was a multi-room restaurant with historic charm.

A wide brick and stone hallway led you past the formal dining room windows. We stepped into the foyer near the hostess stand, which had an old curved staircase leading upstairs to the bathrooms.

The Court of Two Sisters_Entryway_New Orleans_LA_K.Martinelli Blog_Kristen Martinelli.png

The entrance to the formal dining room was to the right of the staircase. Circular tables with white tablecloths filled the space like it was ready for a wedding. The tables were large enough to hold groups of eight. In the front left corner, a three-group band played a cello, base, and drums.

Past the hostess was the dark wood bar and waiting area. A large built-in bench with a high back allowed guests to browse the years’ worth of awards.

The Court of Two Sisters Bar_K.Martinelli Blog_ NOLA_Kristen Martinelli.png

Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters

Through the bar and to the right was the line for the buffet. The island on the left housed the cold food: Salads, cheese, and chilled dishes. Desserts and pastries were on the end.

Two lines divided on the right. One was the omelet and egg station, where you could custom build an omelet or eggs Benedict. The second line was for the hot foods.

I joined the hot foods line, bouncing my steaming plate from hand-to-hand. I started at the carving station, with a slice of prime rib and au jus. I passed the turtle soup and continued to the traditional New Orleans foods.

I scooped some jambalaya, andouille sausage, sweet potatoes casserole, fresh biscuits, bacon, grits, and hash-browns.

Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters_New Orleans, LA_K.Martinelli Blog_Kristen Martinelli.png

Now, this isn’t my usual aesthetic photograph, but I still wanted to show y’all how homey and flavorful these foods were.

I thought I could eat more than this plate of food. With a cup of coffee and several waters, I was already full by the time I finished this plate. There are a lot of starches and rich ingredients. I didn’t think that anything was too spicy (which is perfect for me).

I selected pecan pie for dessert. My colleagues took a square of corn bread to eat with their mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.

My Recommendations

The Court of Two Sisters is an amazing restaurant. We didn’t get to dine outdoors, but their garden patio is even more magical than their interior.

I would give brunch at the Court of Two Sisters a 10/10 for the following:

  • Decor and Design

    • A variety of historic charm. From the antique wooden bar and dark stone floors, to the green patio with Southern twisted trees. No matter your dining preference, you’ll find a location at Two Sisters to enjoy delicious food.

  • Service

    • Since this is a self-serve buffet, I had limited interaction with the staff at Two Sisters. Though the hostess, workers, and wait-staff I did speak with were helpful, professional, and friendly. There could be a bit more direction and organization around the hot food buffet lines, but overall, I found the service at Two Sisters to be great.

  • Food

    • An amazing selection of classic New Orleans dishes. I’m so glad I had the chance to try well-known dishes while visiting New Orleans. Everything was freshly made with great ingredients. I loved everything I tried.

An Afternoon in the Sun

Our team wandered through some of the art shops. We stopped for ice coffee and listened to an awesome family band set up in the middle of the road. The teenage daughter played the drums, the husband played the tuba, and the mother sang and played the clarinet.

Eventually, we ended up in Jackson Square.


Black iron tables with blue and green umbrellas scattered around the concrete. Folding tables with vendors lined a walkway parallel to the Jackson Square park. Bright canvases lined the metal railings.

A crowd of people sat on the steps of the St. Louis Cathedral and watched a trio of men in neon yellow shirts hype the crowd, as they planned to jump over a row of adults.

St. Louis Cathedral_New Orleans_LA_K. Martinelli Blog_Kristen Martinelli.png

The St. Louis Cathedral was unbelievable. I am always impressed by church architecture and the St. Louis Cathedral is gorgeous. This cathedral dates back to 1794 and has a history of architectural revision.

Even from our walk through Jackson Square, up to Washington Artillery Park, the cathedral looked like a Disney Castle.

Washington Artillery Park_New Orleans_LA_K. Martinelli Blog_Kristen Martinelli.png

I could easily go back and spend another five days in the French Quarter. If you love art, music, and quaint shops, I highly recommend that you block out time on your trip or vacation to explore this section of New Orleans.

Have you been to New Orleans?

I have more foodie recommendations to share from my trip, but I’d love to hear from you! Have you been to New Orleans? Where did you visit? Did you have a favorite bar or restaurant? Tell me about it in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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