Social Media Management

Marketing analysis and audit of business's current tactics. I draft proposals and then execute content creation across social media channels for increased visibility, brand, and client development.

Essex Tutoring | Montclair, NJ

One-on-one tutoring in the convenience of your home. Students of all ages and levels are paired with personalized lessons to help them succeed.


Aloha Learning Center | Parsippany, NJ

Aloha is an extracurricular program that specializes in Abacus Mental Math and Vocab.

For math, students learn special combinations to complete basic addition and subtraction, through several digit multiplication and division. 

In Vocab, students begin at their current grade level and move ahead, learning materials from spelling and sentence structure to 5-paragraph essays. 


Futurestay | New Brunswick, NJ

Futurestay is an single automation dashboard that uses Smart Connections(TM). Smart Connections(TM) are the smartest way to connect your vacation rental business to guests, listing channels, payments, and your own brand. 


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