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My Top 7 Food Instagram's to Follow

My Top 7 Food Instagram's to Follow

As a full-time digital marketer, part-time freelancer, and for-fun food blogger, my phone is an extension of my body. If I’m not taking business calls or scheduling social media posts, I’m engaging with my audience or fellow Instagrammers to see what’s going on in our communities.

Recently, one of my fellow bloggers created an appreciation post and listed four different health and lifestyle accounts that she really loves.

I liked this trend of sharing the inspiring people within our space — so I decided to do that by sharing my Top 7 Food Instagram’s to Follow.

I hope that if you haven’t heard of these accounts, that they bring you recipe, art, and food inspiration. Click their handle in the parenthesis if you’re interested in learning more about them or their feed.

7. Enya Todd | (@enya_todd)

Designer and Watercolor Illustrator | Enya's art of patisserie

Enya specializes in food and floral watercolor illustrations. She creates logo commissions, wedding cake designs, magazine features, and cards.

She has created work for magazines such as:

  • Waitrose Food Magazine (UK)

  • British Airways High Life Magazine (UK)

  • BBC Countryfile Magazine (UK)

  • Metro Newspaper (UK)

  • Panorama magazine (Italy)

  • Nimm2 (German)

  • Wine Enthusiast magazine (US)

  • Papyrus greeting cards (US)

  • Harmless Harvest (US)

  • L'Odore (Saudi Arabia)

The ‘Gram

I’m not sure how I found Enya’s Instagram account, but I love it!

I practice digital art for fun — and I cannot imagine the skill that is needed to create her food illustrations. With a brush stroke and negative space, Enya creates amazing fruit and pastry illustrations. I especially admire her use of watercolors, which is a difficult medium to work with.

As a foodie, I love the way she uses her talents to add to the food industry. Her magazine layouts are gorgeous, and I never thought of incorporating watercolor illustrations with food packaging.

Personally, I would order and display any of her artwork around my home. Her flower bouquets and patterns are just as beautiful as her food illustrations.

Enya’s Instagram account takes the seventh spot in my list of top 7 food Instagram’s to follow. You can check out her page for real-life food shots, watercolor videos, cute doodles, and amazing food illustrations.

6. Christina Tosi (@christinatosi)

Pastry Chef and Founder of Milk Bar

As I mentioned when I visited Milk Bar Chelsea for the first time — Christina Tosi is a two-time James Beard Award Winner and named 40 under 40 by Fortune Magazine, MasterChef judge, Cherry Bombe Podcast guest, and all-around pastry innovator.

Milk Bar is Tosi’s chain of dessert and bakery restaurants. She has 16 stores in total, including 2 flagship locations, where foodies can try cereal-milk ice cream and her famous crack pie (as seen on Netflix's Chef's Table).

The ‘Gram

I love Tosi’s brand because it feels genuine. Sometimes she has the polished aesthetic (like this post on her Instagram page), but most of the time you can tell her photos are candid and taken by her.

The mix of subtle promotional news for Milk Bar’s brand, paired with Tosi’s life as a foodie and aunt captures her personality and vintage style. Her Instagram gives her audience sneak peeks of new recipes and business partnerships.

Sometimes she’ll share her adventures or what she’s eating — which interests me as a food blogger. I usually try new restaurants and locations based on recommendations. If Tosi recommends a dessert spot, you know I’ll be visiting it. She takes my sixth spot for food Instagram’s to follow, for all of her sugary creations.

5. Tiny Kitchen (@tinykitchentm)

Cooking Series by Tastemade

What originally started as a fun project to reuse his daughter’s dollhouse, turned into the popular YouTube channel “Tiny Kitchen.” Viewers watch as real recipes are made using dollhouse-sized cookery.

The ‘Gram

The Tiny Kitchen videos on Instagram show the final plating or a step in the cooking process. If you’d like to watch the full recipe video, head over to their YouTube page.

As a food blogger who creates recipe videos, I cannot believe how the Tastemade/Tiny Kitchen team creates these videos. You need a steady hand and a creative mind to substitute real ingredients for tiny ones. For instance, I see quail eggs used in Tiny Kitchen videos, which is both clever and adorable.

The Tiny Kitchen recipe videos speak to my childhood, when I had a giant wooden dollhouse. My favorite room to decorate and display was the kitchen. My dollhouse had a long antique dining room table, where I displayed all my decorative plastic food — with little forks, napkins, and wine glasses.

Watching the final plating of the Tiny Kitchen videos makes me nostalgic and reminds me of those moments as a kid.

Tiny Kitchen takes the fifth spot in my top 7 food Instagram’s to follow, for their amazing (edible!) creations, awesome sets, and magical recipe videos.

4. Amy Larson (@overseasoned_amy)

Founder of Overseasoned

What started as a hand-produced monthly cookbook in 2016 evolved into the Overseasoned website, where readers can find recipes and learn about female entrepreneurs in the food space.

Overseasoned Founder, Amy expanded the brand following the 2017 Women’s March, where she created, "Smash the Garlic and the Patriarchy."

In an interview with FoodtoEat, Amy says, "I believe [the slogan] brings power to cooking because it gives [women] control over their selves and their kitchen. And for others, I think it’s just a fun way for them to send a message...I want more female chefs to be recognized and celebrated through food. I don’t want the success of men to be the only thing the food industry honors. But I also want it to represent creating a more balanced home kitchen where men feel empowered to support women and get into the kitchen as well.”

The ‘Gram

Amy’s Instagram is authentic while staying on brand. I love that the “Smash the Garlic” clothing features real people (including men!). I bought my own burgundy sweatshirt last year and it’s one of my favorite pieces.

Since Overseasoned started as a cookbook, I like that Amy continues to post delicious looking dishes in between her promotional content.

Amy’s Instagram takes the fourth spot on my list for its mission and vision. Overseasoned’s most recent addition to the clothing line, “I scream for reproductive rights” — is so well done. The marketer in me wants to buy every one of her products. They are clever, engaging, and make a statement.

3. Leyla Kazim (@thecutlerychronicles)

London-Based Content Creator

Having majored in Astrophysics and worked in a software company, Leyla now travels the world, writing about travel and food. She's worked on Lonely Planet's book, "The Ultimate Eatlist,” was a 2019 judge for the BBC Food and Farming Awards, and a judge on the TV series, Beat the Chef.

View this post on Instagram

Today marks 26 of 35 days in Barcelona, and also my birthday 🥳 The husband (Matt) and a friend have visited (hence this snap 😁), but other than that, I'm spending these 5 weeks in this new city solo. I am so glad I have done this trip 💛 __ A year ago today I decided to list all the things I wanted to do - for myself - over the next two years. In a restaruant on the back of some till receipt, I drew out 24 calendar boxes and began to fill them in with ambitions. That bit of scrappy paper has been stuck to the bottom of my computer monitor ever since. __ One of them was to do some solo travel this summer. I'm lucky enough to travel a lot for work, but what I never get to do is stay in one new place for a while. I chose Spain because I've always wanted to learn Spanish, so figured I could take lessons while here. And I settled on BCN as I thought it would be less hot than Madrid 🤷‍♀️😅 __ I have managed to engineer these 5 weeks so they've (almost) been completely free of work. But I still had some objectives: enjoy my own company, embrace slow travel, meet new people, try new things, and start the (long road!) to learning a new language. It's been going well so far 🙂 __ I have *adored* all your DMs of support, lols and encouragement whilst here - TY so much 💙 Some of you have even said I've inspired you to get out there and do things for and by yourself. Which is frankly, amazing. I'm not really one for motivational speeches, but what I've learnt from this is that doing things for yourself - however unusual it may seem to some - is not an act of selfishness. It is an uncompromising act of self love. And we could all do with a bit more of that in our lives 🌠 . . . . . #barcelona_turisme #barcelona🇪🇸 #barcelona_world #barcelonalife #barcelonacity #spain_vacations #barcelonainspira #bcnlovers #bcncollective #nationaldestinations #barcelonalovers #visitbarcelona #myeverydaymagic #cntraveler #visualcrush #planetdiscovery #passionpassport #wheretofindme #beautifuldestinations #lpfanphoto #athomeintheworld #suitcasetravels #traveltagged #culturetrip #ladiesgoneglobal #sheisnotlost #europe_vacations #traveleurope #europetravel #lpfanphoto

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The ‘Gram

Leyla’s Instagram is serious #TravelGoals.

I love how much time she spends writing the captions on her photos. Her posts usually share the historical and cultural background of the location and food that she posts. I enjoy this as I can easily learn an interesting fact or cooking method from any of her posts or stories. (Plus, she has a gorgeous accent. I wonder if she has a podcast?)

Leyla often shares behind-the-scene views of restaurant kitchens, wine cellars, and other foodie destinations you normally wouldn’t have access to.

I selected this post to share — as Leyla has a similar perspective that I aspire to as a traveler. I was motivated to take my first trip abroad to Amsterdam and Italy with a similar mindset. I follow Leyla to see what other cities and foodie destinations await!

Her honest, educational, and beautiful content has made it into the top 3 Instagram accounts to follow on my list.

2. Amanda Rettke (@iambaker)

Baker, Blogger, Founder of iambaker.net

Amanda started her blog in 2010 to show readers that everyone is a baker. Since then, she's become a best-selling author of Surprise-Inside Cakes: Amazing Cakes for Every Occasion – With a Little Something Extra Inside and featured in the major foodie publications. She has a separate website where she blogs about her homestead in Minnesota, where you can also find recipes.

The ‘Gram

I’ve been following Amanda for a few months now. I don’t know how I found her Instagram but I’m glad that I did!

Her desserts are to die for. I haven’t made any of them yet, but I’ve bookmarked my favorites. I am not a baker — so I’ll be interested to see how easy her recipes are to follow.

I love her Instagram (not only for the bright, professionally photographed desserts) — but because her captions are hilarious. Amanda has a clear brand-voice and it’s filled with humor and sarcasm.

Recently, she has shared some personal news about her family, which she was nervous to share with her followers. I personally enjoy blending brand with real life (as you can see from the accounts who’ve made it into this list).

As a follower, when you engage with a brand, product, entrepreneur, or fellow Instagrammer, you become part of the community. Getting to see those personal aspects of someone’s life can create an environment of support and positive energy.

Amanda takes the second spot in my top 7 food Instagram’s to follow, for her authenticity, honesty, and resiliency.

1. Marcela Valladolid (@chefmarcela)

Most people know Marcela from her 2010 Food Network series, Mexican Made Easy, or her several cook books published between 2009 and 2017. Marcela also spent time as a co-host on The Kitchen and judge on Best Baker in America.

She has her own website and blog, where you can find recipes and more in-depth details of what you see on Instagram. When she’s not producing a new cookbook or speaking at a cooking event, she holds fundraisers, travels, and spends time with her family.

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There was ZERO reason for this bark to be made today. No publication asked for it. Not cooking it on TV. Not recipe testing for a show. Nada. Just needed the combo of raw fennel/white chocolate/toffee to exist somewhere outside of just my head. It’s even dreamier in person. Making this has very little to do with “following” a recipe. It’s success relies in the quality of your ingredients. Who the hell has access to raw fennel seeds you say? Like 2 people. So I won’t annoy you with the recipe. Just google any toffee recipe and once you pour it out on a baking sheet (Isa did it over a Silpat), just sprinkle the white chocolate chips over it and they will melt with the toffee’s residual heat. Spread out the chocolate then sprinkle. Raw fennel seeds, rosemary blossoms, yellow celosia for color, a vanilla bean salt that we keep using to finish desserts that I truly don’t know where it came from. And then you eat. This garden just forces me to understand how removed we are from the process of eating the seasons. Raw fennel is NOW. Dried fennel in the winter. We’re so demanding. We’d be fine without strawberries or mangoes in the winter. We don’t need squash year round. I know we don’t all have gardens. I can’t live off of mine, I still have to grocery shop. But I do try to stay within the season. More nutrients. More flavor. More love for planet earth. I read somewhere that we don’t all need to be professional environmentalists; we all just need to try. Make small changes. Straws are gone in my home. Plastic water bottles are banned. Compost is coming... We try man. We try... 📸 @isabellamfuncke #edibleflowers #toffee #whitechocolate #dessert #dessertporn #candy

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The ‘Gram

I adore Chef Marcela’s Instagram. Like Leyla, she shares her most recent travel photos. Her captions are also paragraphs of content, which is written in her voice — which is what captures me the most. As she’s said herself, she’s not trying to tell anyone how to live their life. But she is sharing what she’s experienced and learned. Chef Marcela encourages her community to follow their passions (for instance, as seen in her caption above).

You’ll find photos of her children and family on Instagram. Chef Marcela loves hosting family dinners — and she’ll give her community explanations of how she designed the table settings, the best ingredients to use in a dish, and how to prep for the meal.

She also has her own gardens — where she’ll feature her children gobbling fresh fruits and veggies. For the same reason that I grow a garden, Chef Marcela believes that we can each do something to contribute to a better environment, be more sustainable, and improve our health.

This blog is #NotSpons, but I love the foodie community so much, and Chef Marcela is so amazing. Both as a female entrepreneur, chef, parent, and advocate. I love her pride in her heritage and how she shares her language and culture whenever possible.

I could write a novel and analyze her Instagram posts — which is why she is my number one food Instagram account to follow.

Do you have a favorite Instagram account?

Do you have an inspirational account that you follow? What space are they in (health, food, fashion, art)? Why do you follow them? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below.

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