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Circle Farms Sushi | A Spot You Never Knew About

Circle Farms Sushi | A Spot You Never Knew About

As a home-cook and all-around foodie, fresh produce is a must.

Yes, sometimes chain supermarkets like A&P, Stop & Shop, and Shoprite offer quality ingredients. Other times, road stands and farmer's markets are the best places to shop. 

Which is why a local farmer's market/grocery store on Route 23 is a great location. It's called Circle Farms. 

A Perfect Location 

As their name suggests, Circle Farms is situated on Route 23 (on the Northbound side), near Pequannock and Pompton Plains. To get onto the North-bound side of 23, you "follow the circle" that loops you across the highway. 

Kristen Martinelli Blog_KMartinelli_Writer & Marketer_Circle Farms Sushi_Route 23_NJ.png

Growing up, my family would stop at Circle Farms whenever we were out running errands.

If you needed a last minute item for dinner, Circle Farms was perfect. From bread to cold cuts, fresh produce, and dairy products, they offer everything, even specialty ingredients.

The higher prices make up for the proximity and convenience of swinging in to grab a last minute ingredient.  

Yes, there's a food review here 

When you go to check-out among the length of counter (offering candy bars and lottery tickets), you'll see there is a small sushi area in the back corner.

One day I finally asked aloud, "Why haven't we ordered sushi from here?" 

Kristen Martinelli _Blog_KMartinelli_Circle Farms_Route 23_NJ.png

"I don't know about that..." There seemed to be something weird about ordering take-out sushi from a market on the side of the highway. 

But finally, one day we did order, picking from the display case in front. It was amazing! Over time we evolved into ordering custom platters for parties and weekend treats. 

High-Quality Sushi, Made-to-Order

If you've read my food reviews about Minado's or Double Ai you know that I am obsessed with sushi. 

Which is why after trying restaurants like these, I was thrilled to find an equally impressive take-out sushi location. 

Circle Farms Sushi Menu 

Kristen Martinelli Blog_Writer & Marketer_KMartinelli_Circle Farms_Route 23 NJ.png

Don't be overwhelmed by your options! This is Circle Farm's three-fold menu. They offer familiar soups and salads, traditional rolls, and then their specialty ones. 

When we first tried Circle Farms Sushi, we ordered the pre-arranged containers from the display case, which are usually popular sushi rolls like Spicy Tuna, California, Salmon, etc.

I took this photo in the early afternoon, so the case isn't super packed. While I was waiting, 3 fresh rolls were added and more were being made. Turnover is a positive sign of a high-quality product.

I took this photo in the early afternoon, so the case isn't super packed. While I was waiting, 3 fresh rolls were added and more were being made. Turnover is a positive sign of a high-quality product.

Circle Farms consistently produces quality sushi. After trying most of their traditional rolls, we moved into the Chef's Special Rolls, which (like Double Ai), have unique protein combinations, toppings, and sauces. 

Prices | Do you want sushi or a sandwich?

The way I see it, you can order a half-decent turkey sandwich for $4 or delicious sushi. I know what I'd pick. 

The traditional rolls like eel, tuna, vegetable, etc., range from $3.99-$6.99. These containers have 8 reasonably sized rolls. This is a perfect price for a quick lunch that doesn't break the bank. 

If you want to add combinations of fish to your roll (like Boston Rolls, Shrimp Tempura Rolls, etc.) the cost ranges from $5.99-$10.95 (which is still fair for the type of product you're getting). 

What I order at Circle Farms Sushi

Circle Farms Sushi is pick-up only. You can call ahead or order at the counter. There are no seats in the market to eat at (sad!) but if you live nearby the store, it's not a problem. 

The three people who manage Circle Farms Sushi are amazing. One woman runs the cashier and packages the orders and two men craft the sushi. 

They are always friendly and welcoming. The Chefs have an eye for detail. While they work quickly to complete orders, they make sure that the product you receive is beautifully made. 

Usually, if you order $30+ worth of food, the woman will give you a small appetizer for free. I love this kind of thing. It is ROI positive, kind, and thoughtful. 


After years of trying their menu, I have go-to rolls and sides that I order. 

Seaweed Salad | $3.99

Kristen Martinelli Blog_Writer & Marketer_KMartinelli_Circle Farms Route 23_Seaweed Salad Appetizer.png

The seaweed salad is a portion for 2 people. It is a light, refreshing salad with sesame seeds (and depending on the chef) coated in a combination of sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar and other spices.

If you order spicy rolls, seaweed salad is not only healthy and high in iron, but a good palate cleanser during the meal. 

Shumai | $3.99

Kristen Martinelli_KMartinelli Blog_Writer & Marketer_Shumai Dumplings_Circle Farms_Route 23_NJ.png

Steamed dumplings filled with shrimp. Two people can share this container.

When you bring them home, remove the soy sauce and pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds to make them steaming hot. They're tender and delicious!

Edamame | $1.75

Kristen Martinelli_KMartinelli_Writer & Marketer_Edamame_Circle Farms Sushi.png

Depending on the amount of sushi and other appetizers you order, you can share this container of edamame among 2-3 people. 

Add this container to the microwave for 30 seconds to steam the edamame and make them hot again (they sit among the cold sushi case at the market). They're unsalted, so to add some flavor to the al dente beans, sprinkle salt to taste. 

The Star of the Show | Sushi! 

I've been on a spicy tuna kick, so I try to order a simple roll and the fancy Chef's Specials. 

Spicy Tuna Roll | $4.99

KMartinelli Blog_Kristen Martinelli_Writer & Marketer_Spicy Tuna Roll_Circle Farms Sushi_Route 23 NJ.png

Are you surprised that Spicy Tuna Rolls are one of my favorites? They do have a hint of spice that makes my nose run, but they're not unbearable. 

The smooth texture of the tuna (or salmon, depending on what you want) paired with the dense rice, crisp cucumber, and zip of heat is a great combination. Eating a bite of ginger (plus the appetizers) helps cool your palate, too. 

Eel Roll | $5.99 

KMartinelli Blog_Kristen Martinelli_Writer & Marketer_Eel Roll_Circle Farms Sushi_Route 23_NJ.png

Circle Farms Sushi is the first place that I tried eel, and the only place so far that I would order again! 

The eel is cooked and brushed with a subtle, honey-teriyaki sauce. This is where you get the most flavor. The inside of the roll has vegetables. I highly recommend you try this roll at Circle Farms. I haven't had eel rolls anywhere else that are as flavorful! 

Samurai Roll | $9.99

Kristen Martinelli Blog_KMartinelli Writer & Marketer_Sushi_Circle Farms Sushi_Route 23_NJ.png

I tried this roll recently. It had cucumber, avocado, crab, tuna, and salmon. This roll reminded me of sashimi because of its pure form. No sauces or seasonings, just the texture and taste of each fish and vegetables combined together. 

To elevate the natural flavors, I recommend adding a slice of ginger and a dunk of soy sauce. There are 8 large pieces in total so you can split this between two people. 

Circle Farm Specialty Rolls 

Kristen Martinelli Blog_KMartinelli_Writer & Marketer_Specialty Rolls_Circle Farms Sushi_Route 23_NJ.png

Spider Roll | $11.95

The large rolls at the bottom of the image are the spider rolls. They have soft shell crab, avocado, and tuna. The crab is coated in a light batter and fried until golden. These rolls are usually warm. These are one of my favorites! 

Kristen Martinelli Blog_KMartinelli_Writer & Marketer_Specialty Sushi Rolls_Circle Farms_Route 23_NJ.png

Titanic Roll | $11.95

While both of these specialty rolls look similar (toppings wise), they do have different rolled ingredients. 

The Titanic Roll is on the far right. It has shrimp tempura, avocado, and is topped with spicy tuna, crunchy toppings (small bits of fried tempura batter), masago (Capelin fish roe), spicy mayo, and their special sauce.

The shrimp tempura is light with a bit of richness from being fried. Creamy avocado, cold, dense rice, and crunchy toppings combine for the perfect bite.

The spicy tuna also adds a creaminess, plus the spice, for extra flavor. I personally don't distinguish the spicy mayo in this mix, but I think with the combination of sauces and toppings it adds to the overall taste.  

Fire Fighter Roll | $10.95

Kristen Martinelli Blog_KMartinelli_Writer & Marketer_Fire Fighter Roll_Circle Farms_Route 23.png

The Fire Fighter Roll also has spicy tuna and cucumber inside, with more spicy tuna on top. Plus the crunch, masago, spicy mayo, and special sauce. Sometimes scallions are added for additional flavor and color. 

Shop for Dessert 

Circle Farms Sushi area doesn't have any special desserts. But to the right of the stand, the market has packages of fresh fruit and layer cakes. 

You can also buy one of the containers of dried fruit, candies, nuts, and bars within the center of the room (though it's kinda expensive). 

Kristen Martinelli Blog_KMartinelli_Writer & Marketer_Circle Farms_Route 23_NJ.png

Either way, if you try a variety of sushi and appetizers, you shouldn't be hungry! 

Amazing Sushi in an Unexpected Location  


If you were driving up Route 23, you'd never know that this small market had amazing sushi! Reasonably priced and made on the spot, all of the sushi I've had has been wonderful. 

I recommend you pop in on your way home from work or after running errands. Choose a pre-made roll or order a platter, you're going to love this new spot. 

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